Business Plan & Strategies

A sound business plan is the one which consists of vision for at least 3 to 5 years. This kind of plan is good if you are planning to make decent investments. But it is always advisable to start a business with as low budget as possible, develop brand and simultaneously make a business plan. This plan will now consist of the business model that is most suitable for your business for next 3 to 5 years. All risks and challenges will be covered and  ROI will be optimized.


Project Management

We can manage your business projects under following categories -

  1. Greenfield project set up and operation management
  2. Change management for process/people/technology transformation
  3. Human resources planning, talent acquisition and management
  4. Production planning and management
  5. Sales & marketing management
  6. Business expansion strategy and management

Business Funding Facilitation

If you believe that your business idea has potential, you have a sound professional business plan in place ( if you don't, get one made by us but it will be chargable), but still you are facing challenges in getting right investor for your project, connect with us. We will pitch your project to investors who will be just the right fit for your business.

So do not give up on your ideas and hard work for lack of money, just connect with right people and make your dreams a reality.

Next Steps...

GroVine works as your extra pair of hands and additional set of brains to help you achieve your business objectives. We do not advise, we work with you every day, month and year to ensure that predicted targets are achieved. Connect with us.